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Indian Motorcycle Bolts

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Canadian Vintage M/C Group

Friday the 13th Port Dover 


Indian Resources from Stan Jessup's Web Site



Our Indian motorcycle friends in Japan (Pics)


Application Sheets

741 Military

  841 Military

1936-39 Chief

1936-39 Four

 1936-39 Sport Scout

  1936-42 Dispatch Tow

1936-39 Junior Scout

1940 Sport Scout

  1941-42 Four

1941-42 Sport Scout

1941-45 Military Chief

 1941 Chief

1942 Four

1946-47 Chief

  1948 Chief

1950-51 Chief

1952-53 Chief

  Verticals 249 & 149

Blank Application Sheet

Indian Motorcycle Hex Head Bolts - Quality Grade 8 

No marks -Cad Plated.

Thin (light duty) Lock Washers now available in all sizes 1/4, 5/16. 3/8, 7/16, 1/2 and 5/8

Indian tall head bolts and stainless steel cotter pin kits

Indian Motorcycle Bolts with the correct size hex head. Available Cad Plated or Plain (not plated)-no marks-Grade 8. Most sizes available and reasonably priced.

Our latest Price List Printable PDF copy here   

Link to pictures of more items we have in stock

See our New Ball Valves here 


Use your Horn Button to actuate the electric starter on your 
Indian Chief
Video HERE  - Instructions HERE

    Are your Vertical handlebars sloppy or drooping? Do your Risers fall through your fork bracket?        Click HERE to See Terry Duffy's solution to your problem.

We also have the Chief Overdrive Transmission available.


Ed Glasgow - CEO

Dave Terpstra - helper & webmaster

(I work for peanuts)

Chief Overdrive Transmission

This transmission has three gears with similar ratios as the OEM trans and a fourth gear that enables the bike to go 72 mph with the engine at 2950 rpm using a large drive sprocket and a standard high profile tire.                      



Link to Intallation and Timing instructions

 Valve springs, Aluminum and Ductile Iron exhaust manifolds.

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